The cups can help to remove the broken capillaries/spider veins. To cure them you would need to find out what’s causing them. But, by using your cups on a regular basis, you will treat the existing ones and prevent further ones from forming. It works by pushing fresh blood and oxygen through the capillaries, thereby removing stagnation and deoxygenated blood platelets as well as strengthening collagen and improving capillary health.

Benefits of Facial Cupping Massage

While facial massages are great way to remove the daily stresses and strains from your face and restore that healthy youthful glow to your skin, nothing comes close to the Energy Zone Wellness Facial Massage System for optimal stimulation of skin and underlying tissues and the most relaxing, deep, comfortable massage for your face.

  • Use it to cleanse pores, tone skin and remove excess oil and dirt by penetrating deep below the skin’s surface.
  • Use it to stimulate blood supply to the skin and increase its suppleness.
  • Use it to increase your skin’s resistance to harmful elements.
  • Use it to help firm flab.
  • Use it to improve and soften scar tissue.
  • Use it to smooth stretch marks and clear broken capillaries.
  • Use it to improve skin tone and texture by gently stretching the fibroblast cells, stimulating them to produce better quality and quantity of natural collagen and elastin.
  • Use it to enhance product absorption.
  • Use it to expel toxins which are then removed by the lymphatic system.
  • Use it to refines pores.
  • Use it to improve micro-circulation.
  • Use it to lift drooping muscles.
  • Use it to smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Use it to drain eye bags and double jaw.
  • Use it to strength the vascular integrity of the face.
  • Why You Need Abdominal Massage

    Abdominal massage tends to be overlooked by massage therapists. It is the one area left out of a massage routine simply because it might make the client feel vulnerable and the therapist uncomfortable; however, it is one of the more important areas of the body to massage, as the benefits are immediate and proactive.

    Considered the body’s emotional library, where emotional information is stored, the abdominal area has what we call tension congestion. Tension and stress tend to accumulate in the internal organs as well as the other obvious and better-known tension-holding areas of the body. Therefore, there is great relief in unknotting and comforting this area.

    Incorporating the Energy Zone Wellness Cupping Therapy Massage and using the abdominal massage techniques into your treatment procedure can enhance and increase overall treatment results dramatically. Based on the principle of applying negative pressure on an area, pulling blood from up to 4 inches below the skin, the fresh, oxygenated blood, rich in nutrients and enzymes, floods the area to revive and detoxify the organs below. Negative-pressure massage can multiply benefits and release of toxins and debris.

    The suction-pulling power of negative pressure over the abdomen while doing the abdominal massage stimulates the inside of the digestive organs, resulting in an increase of peristaltic action, secretion of digestive fluids and absorption of required nutrients and water, which assists the nourishing of body tissues.

    Immediate benefits include:

  • Clearing colon blockages
  • Breaking down fatty deposits
  • Encouraging blood and body-fluid movement in the bowels and internal organs
  • Soothing the nervous system
  • Releasing inner emotions
  • Promoting digestion
  • Relieving indigestion or heartburn
  • With regular abdominal massage cupping, there is an increase in digestive secretions that enhances peristaltic movement. Cupping will improve appetite, digestion, bile flow and metabolism, aid in the treatment of distension and acidity, help with conception, relieve constipation and promote regularity of the bowels. My clients have told me they were expelling an excess amount of waste shortly after treatments and experienced a significant increase of eliminations throughout their day.

    The suction reaches up to 4 inches into the soft tissue, attachments and organs. It draws out toxins and inflammation from the body to the surface of the skin, where the lymphatic system eliminates them.

    Cupping is a great method to detox the lungs as well. By gently draining the rib cage, you can treat colds, pneumonia and persistent coughs. In fact, any type of lung disease will benefit from a cupping massage; don’t be alarmed if your client starts coughing intensely after treatment, as it is just stagnation being expelled.