Detox Program

The Program is a system of health restoration through individualized nutrition, detox and cleansing, physical training and recovery programs that will lead to the correction of life-generating functions of the organism, weight loss, pain relief, detoxification, anti-aging and skin purification and eventual body transformation.

The Program consists of four core phases:

  1. 1. Health and Wellness
  2. 2. Body Transformation, Weight/Fat Loss
  3. 3. Physical Conditioning
  4. 4. New Self, your new lifestyle

Each Phase is based on the following four core principles:

  1. 1. Regiment (sequence and compatibility adjusted to fit your daily routine)
  2. 2. Personalized meal plan
  3. 3. Nutrition and supplements
  4. 4.Physical activity (adjusted to fit your goals)

It is a modern, individual approach to each patient, which takes into account the uniqueness of each patient’s overall physical and health condition.

It is a cleansing of the diet from a set of food products which cause overstrain and negative effects on the body.

It takes into account the physiological principles of compatibility between food products and a series of universal rules.

It is a joint effort between us and our clients against habits and false stereotypes about nutrition, based on individualized nutrition plans and constant support.

It is a continuous progression from the strict limitations of the first weeks to greater flexibility later on, until the emergence of the need and competence to follow only the most optimal diet plan, your own personal one.

It is a transition to a new lifestyle and a new quality of life.

This program allows for the normalization of weight and for the improvement of the condition of your health, without the restrictions in calorie intake or risky and exhausting starvation, and without ruining the balance of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The guidelines for this program are easy to follow throughout your entire lifetime.

Our clients include people of any gender and age, including those with outstanding health.

The Program begins with a detailed written questionnaire and examination of the blood test results (that shall be obtained from your physician).

Based on the blood test results, the questionnaire and a thorough survey, the wellness instructor will put together an individual plan.

The wellness instructor will give you a list of food products which should be excluded from your diet. Depending on the consultation results, you may need an additional assessment and a consultation with your family physician. For that consultation, it is best to bring all the recent evaluations, examination results and a list of medications which you are currently taking.

During the seminar, you will receive a list of foods, supplements, and nutrient blends which your personal diet plan for the first step of the program will be built upon. You will be taught how to properly organize your individual food and drink intake, combine food products and monitor your condition, and notice the changes in it. The nutrition plan will be updated and changed on a weekly basis.

The Program also includes constant support from wellness instructor for program correction during the program. You will receive all the individual and written instructions to improve your nutrition, detox and cleansing program, physical conditioning and activities program. These will allow you to feel significant results starting the first weeks of the program. The wellness instructor will help you change your culinary choices, teach you how to properly choose food products, and show you the recommended products and samples.

The Program is a comprehensive approach the length of which is based on the client’s goals and progress.Throughout the entire program, our wellness instructor will be ready to answer all of your questions and to help you with recommendations for changing to a healthy individual.

Unlike most diets aimed at the average person, the Program is not just a diet, but an individual wellness program, which works only for You! These recommendations may not be appropriate for the other members of your family!

Our main goal is to establish the “individuality” of each client and to help that particular client to maximally adapt to the New Self, your new lifestyle.