Monthly Specials

Desert Heat Body Wrap $125

A wonderful treatment that is certain to take your body and mind to another level of well-being. Nature’s richest seaweed and mud from the Arizona desert soothe the skin vanishing any traces of fatigue or stress. Every inch of the body is renewed leaving your skin supple and refreshed.

Green Coffee Body Wrap $125

Discover tranquility as your body is hydrated and rejuvenated. This anti-toxin wrap is excellent for breaking down fat and eliminating toxins, leaving the body lean and firm.

Moor Mud Body Wrap $120

A magnificent way to start your day. Our gentle exfoliating Mud made from over 1000 plant extracts is liberally brushed over the body before it is wrapped in heat. As impurities are drawn out, you will slip into a deep state of calm. The treatment is topped off with a stimulating rinse from our 12-jet Swiss shower and then a soothing body moisturizer is applied to refresh and revive the skin.

Mineral Dead Sea Salt Scrub $95

This luxurious treatment not only leaves the skin smooth but also nourishes and hydrates. Using Sea Salts infused with detoxifying essential oils this treatment will have you summer ready all year through. The body is exfoliated from head to toe focusing on and concern areas like knees, elbows or areas of flaky skin. It is a great treatment to prepare the skin for a tan or in helping remove one.