Love Me Scrub Me

We all have routines for self-care — some being much simpler than others. Whether showers last just a couple extra minutes to moisturize or last long enough to alarm your housemate(s), sometimes excessive routines can still be lacking. From scented face cleansers to a collection of shower gels, your bathroom has it all, but have you invested in the idea of body scrubs? 

Here are three simple reasons why you should let Energy Zone Wellness Center make your exfoliation game strong.

  1. The removal of dead skin cells is absolutely vital to the world of healthy living and beauty. Dead skin cells, the biological demons that clog your pores, are known for their damage as they can dull skin tones and block pores to eventually cause blackheads and wrinkles. What you may not have known is that they prevent serums and moisturizers from being absorbed, which is absolutely frightening to those who essentially live on these creams — you know who you are. Luckily, our body scrub services are here to exfoliate your skin beyond its surface level to rid you of dead skin and to leave you soft and glowing! 
  2. Body scrubs, just like many of our other services, will refresh your appearance and increase your confidence. From one skincare obsessed individual to another, nothing is as relaxing or satisfying as rejuvenating yourself from all the unwanted inhabitants in your skin through something as soothing as a scrub. With this beauty product, you can say goodbye to rough looking skin and impurities. Also, to those that are undergoing skin discoloration as a result of tanning or blemishes, this service is the perfect step to refreshing yourself! With that being said, having fresh and naturally beautiful skin will instantly improve your self-confidence. 
  3. One word that can describe this last reason is “life”. This spa treatment is the most efficient way to reduce stress from seemingly never-ending work hours and tension from outside sources. The entire treatment experience, along with a massage and facial, is a pleasing and calming method of releasing tension in the mind and body. The Energy Zone Wellness Center will help you recover from the bitter winter behind you and refresh you for the new upcoming season. ’Tis the season of renewal!

In honor of Summer, the Energy Zone Wellness Center is offering a Summer Skin Care Special, $95 1 hour Body Scrub and 30 minute Mini Facial! Offer is in effect until the end of August.

Energy Zone Wellness Center Body Scrub