How To Get Super-Glowing Skin?

Energy Zone Wellness Center HydraFacial.
Energy Zone Wellness Center HydraFacial.

It’s summer and there’s no doubt – your skin is feeling it! With constant makeup and this beaming sunlight along with the sweat that comes with it, our exhausted skin becomes a nuisance to take care of. Tis the season of flushing money on cleansers, scrubs, and acne medicines, but let’s be honest here, they are no match to those clogged pores. It’s time to take the next initiative to cleaner and rejuvenated skin, which is easier said than done. But lo and behold, Energy Zone Wellness Center is your answer!

Well, more specifically, the Hydrafacial that Energy Zone Wellness Center offers. 

Energy Zone Wellness Center’s Hydrafacial is a machine that will completely revolutionize your skin! You are encouraged to take a moment of silence and salute the constant squeezing of individual blackheads and pimples goodbye by taking this opportunity to a healthy glow! The HydraFacial uses a “vortex system” that extracts bacteria and dirt from pores while simultaneously filling them with a solution that prevents future clogging. The solution, full of antioxidants, will both renew and cleanse your skin in ways your day-to-day routines have never done before!

How does it work?

Energy Zone Wellness Center Before and After HydraFacial
Energy Zone Wellness Center Before and After HydraFacial

Many people that need this sort of cleanse for their face can be intimidated by having a machine perform the procedure on the skin, but rest assured that it is entirely

natural. The HydraFacial operates by nourishing pores through various serums, with the first one removing impurities in the skin and the second providing a deep cleanse in the pores. Soon after, many antioxidants, growth factors, and hyaluronic acids are applied to further protect the skin. While the serums work their magic, blood flow is automatically stimulated in the face to reduce any visibility of wrinkles. This treatment will leave your skin hydrated, fresh-feeling, and glowing when you need it the most! 

Listen to your skin’s battle cries, try the HydraFacial!

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