10 Vitamin C Rich Foods

Life is a beautiful concept that can wash up opportunities from the heaviest of tides. However, as life goes on and time thins out, we are all guilty of taking advantage of our body’s health. We busy Americans overwork our bodies and forget to follow a healthy lifestyle to help them recover. However, boosting your body’s strength can be both – easy and delicious. 

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Ten Vitamin C Rich Foods 

It is important to understand initially that vitamin C is crucial for all sorts of bodily circumstances. Vitamin C is needed for growth, development, and the repair of all body tissues. It’s involved in many body functions, such as the immune system to battle off stubborn colds, the formation of collagen to support connective tissues, and the absorption of iron to keep healthy amounts of oxygen in your blood flow. Also, vitamin C supports wound healing and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth to provide ultimate health for your body. Thereby, it is vital as a human being to make sure that this vitamin is maintained in healthy amounts.

Here’s how:

  1. Guava: From the lush paradise regions in Mexico to the tropical palaces in Thailand, the guava fruit holds its place on the vitamin C throne. In just one cup of guavas, you can find there to be 419% DV (377mg) vitamin C. With only 112 calories, you could replenish your body with nutrients to make you healthy and energized. Not such a bad deal for such a delicious fruit if we don’t say so ourselves.
  2. Bell Peppers: Still in the royal family stands the bell peppers and their native roots from Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. This perfect add-on ingredient (or even just a snack) can go seamlessly in any dish with amazing antioxidant benefits. Bell peppers have 211% DV (190mg) vitamin C per cup. In this serving, there are approximately 46 calories and a refreshing sweetness that will please your taste buds. Your meal plan has now been revolutionized.
  3. Kiwi: Moving about the social pyramid of this vitamin stands the noble kiwi with roots tracing from northern China to New Zealand. With its beautiful vibrant green interior, 185% DV (167mg) vitamin C can be found per cup serving. Such an exotic fruit can be served in fruit salads to integrate new flavors and nutrients along with simply cutting the fruit in half and eating it with a tiny spoon to make you feel especially fancy. In this serving, you can enjoy 110 calories worth of pure joy. You are very welcome.
  4. Strawberries: Roaming about the strict social structure wanders the strawberries that come all the way from the fresh fields of California. With plenty of culinary uses, the strawberry comes with 108% DV (98mg) vitamin C per cup serving and the lasting happiness of healthy and tasty snacking. From smoothies to giving yogurt some life, this serving of strawberries has 53 calories and 8 grams of sugar. Along the same family, you can find that raspberries have 36% DV vitamin C per cup, blackberries have 34% DV vitamin C per cup, and finally blueberries with a whopping 16% DV vitamin C per cup serving. Save the applause for later, we are not quite finished yet.
  5. Orange: On the fifth rank sits the long-awaited for orange and its amazing vitamin C properties. In one cup of oranges, you can find 106% DV (96mg) vitamin C and a worth-it 85 calories. These fruits, largely grown in Florida, are easily obtainable in all sorts of fashions, whether it be through peeling rinds and enjoying them the way nature intended or through juices and all-natural sorbets. In the citrus category, other fruits that are high in vitamin C include pomelos with 413% DV vitamin C in a fruit serving, grapefruits with 98% DV vitamin C in a fruit serving, clementines with 40% DV in a fruit serving, and lastly lemons with 34% DV in one fruit serving. Orange you glad you know this now?
  6. Papaya: In honor of the tropical, vitamin-rich fruit, the papaya celebrates an entire month in September nationally. This southern Mexican fruit has 98% DV (88mg) vitamin C and 62 calories per cup serving. They can be enjoyed bare or dried into delicious snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth with all the health benefits. To follow the list of tropical fruits that are also high in vitamin C, we have the pineapple with 88% DV vitamin C in a one cup serving, cantaloupe melon with 72% DV in a one cup serving, mango with 67% DV in a one cup serving, and finally the honeydew melon with 34% DV in a one cup serving. May the feast begin!
  7. Broccoli: Beyond the fruits, many “controversial” vegetables appear to have high vitamin qualities as well. The highly debatable and underrated broccoli has 90% DV (81mg) vitamin C and 31 calories per cup serving and can absolutely freshen up any meal. From spreads to soups, from pasta to salads, broccoli can be added to anything to achieve an absolute brilliant flavor and texture, despite any prejudice you may hold. Other brassica vegetables that have a notable vitamin C quantity include brussels sprouts with 107% DV vitamin C in a one cup serving, cabbage with 63% DV vitamin C in a one cup serving, and cauliflower with 61% DV vitamin C in a one cup serving. You simply can not forget to eat your vegetables!
  8. Tomatoes: The classic fruit, though often mistaken as a vegetable, tomatoes are a very popular and simple way to add vitamin C into your diet. With 61% DV (55mg) vitamin C per cup, cooked tomatoes have 43 calories in this serving and can easily be incorporated into almost any meal. Your favorite kinds of pasta and old recipes can easily be excited with the use of tomatoes, and so can your health. It’s fair that you will say that you’ll “feel great, from my head tomatoes!” 
  9. Kale: What leafy vegetable lowers your cancer risk and rhymes with bale? Kale has been around for centuries with absolute reason, for cooked kale has 59% DV (53mg) vitamin C per cup and a total of 36 calories. They can be enjoyed as lightly salted chips, thrown into salads, or even used into smoothies to let you get a positive start in the day!  Other green leafy vegetables that are high in vitamin C include one cup of turnip greens which has 44% DV vitamin C, one cup of swiss chard which has 35% DV vitamin C, and one cup of spinach which has 20% DV vitamin C. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle certainly can be made tasty. 
  10. Snow Peas: Lastly, on the ever-growing list of antioxidants, the delicate snow peas conclude this list of immune-boosting foods. In one cup of snow peas, you can find 42% DV (38mg) vitamin C and 26 calories. These addicting vegetables are sweet and crunchy for those that are looking for something tasty and healthy to munch on. They are absolutely perfect for any occasion, and your body will thank us, too. Happy detoxing!