5 Benefits of Aromatherapy

Whether it is work or something else, people are an overdriven unanimous group that deals with stress on a regular basis. Stress is an engine that can pressure us into accomplishing great things, however, much like anything, it shouldn’t be taken in large portions. Fortunately, from one workaholic to another, tension can be eased with a little bit of breathing, a bit of relaxing, and a collection of essential oils…

Here are 5 facts about the effects essential oils have on your body :

  1. Essential oils are multifunctional and have a wide range of usage to satisfy individual needs. Results show that oils work only when the body needs it! If there is no need for their effects, then their overall effect is minimal. Science thought of everything! 
  2. Essential oils are not toxic and are natural, for they consist of the same substances as our bodies. They are absorbed by the body of the user and begin to work within only a few seconds after application. The thermal energy from the body leads to faster penetration and better results. Relief isn’t in a pill or a bowl of ice-cream, it is in a tiny tinted bottle, waiting to be applied!
  3. Essential oils, having a higher frequency range, work with emotions and spirituality and those with a lower frequency have a deeper effect on our physical body. These oils that are combined in a mixture are meant to intensify their effect – the effect of synergy. It is important to understand your physical and mental needs for aromatherapy to have a lasting, greater effect. Try getting an aromatherapy massage at the Energy Zone Wellness Center.
  4. Upon approximately 23 seconds after the inhalation of essential oil, electrical impulses reach the olfactory bulb in the brain, which then transmits these impulses to other parts of the body. This just shows the major lightbulb moment your body will have after practicing aromatherapy! 
  5. Human brain cells begin to mutate when their frequency falls below 62 MHz and low frequencies indicate a pH imbalance. Inhaling the essence of essential oils helps prevent this pH imbalance!

It is vital to understand your body’s and mind’s needs to be able to ease tension. If you personally have made it through this entire page then it is safe to say you are in search of something to revolutionize your lifestyle. Essential oils have a deep physiological and psychological effect that can significantly increase the range of how humans perceive maintaining health and happiness. The only question left now to resolve is are you ready for a beneficial lifestyle change, a lasting positive mental impact, and a new obsession of diffusers and unique scents? The Energy Zone Wellness Center is here to help you say YES.

The power of essential oils should never be taken for granted! In relation to our everyday lives, people with whom we communicate with, the oppressive impact of the media, all negative emotions and states of fear, resentment, sorrow, and hatred all have a strong frequency and disrupt our health and well being. If not released, tension from these reoccurring influences can build up in itself and will test the quality of your life. So, the Energy Zone Wellness Center invites you to experience the world of aromatherapy and use of essential oils to overcome the negativity these frequencies have on us! Come visit our essential oil infused steam room and try out our aromatherapy massage!